[PROBLEM] Undocked Windows losing focus.

I love the flexibility and customization of Halion 4 in being able to undock portions of the GUI into separate windows which can be placed any where within your working environment. The problem is these windows losing focus on key commands which the main window GUI does not experience. I set up a key command (alt +s) for set sample start/end to the selection created from the range tool in the sample edit tab as well as a key command for find sample in explorer (E). These commands work just fine if I access the sample edit tab from the main Halion 4 GUI, however, if I undock and create another window containing the sample edit tab these key commands will not work as the secondary window seems to lose focus on accepting such key commands. The same issue occurs in the Mediabay where a separate window containing the Mediabay will most times (not all however) accept the ‘L’ key command for loading a selected preset into a slot. This is very annoying and detracts from the value of being able to create undocked/separate windows as the user sees fit, as they are forced back to the main GUI if they wish to do functions such as those listed above. Undocked/separate windows works great despite this limitation, but I hope it can be looked into. I love having my secondary monitor dedicated to a separate window of Halion 4 containing Mediabay/Sample edit tab as it allows me much more screen space when working in these tabs. I cannot use key commands when this happens however.

I believe this all has something to do with the ‘always on top’ option which Halion 4 is set to. If I uncheck always on top, secondary windows will now stay in focus when working in them as they should, however, they now get resized to whatever the Cubase project window is set to which again, defeats the purpose of being able to customize the Halion 4 GUI the way one likes without taking up the entire monitor. Is it possible have the always on top mode activated and have each created window operate and stay in focus like the main GUI? I noticed there is only an always on top option for the main GUI and not any additionally created windows. Is it possible to get always on top options created for each additionally created window to help remedy this issue?

I hope you can follow what I am being long about here, I am trying to be a descriptive as possible as to get the point thoroughly across. If anything can be done about this, it would greatly enhance the usability and workflow of Halion 4.

Thanks for reading.