Problem updating from C11 to C13

Hello to everyone. I just bought my update and installed C13, but elicenser continues saying my activation code is already used and can´t be used again. At the same time when I go to Mysteinberg it says is not activated yet! I don´t know what to do and support doesn´t answer. Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 13 is not using eLicenser anymore. Please, use the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Cubase 12 and 13 don’t use Elicenser. You need to download Steinberg download assistant (SDA). Insert your code there (but keep your elicenser attached in your computer because you are doing an upgrade from Cubase 11. SDA will check your elicenser and upgrade.

I already did that! and something happened in the middle of the upgrade and it closed up. Then I started again and it say that is improving the license. And then int says that the license improvement failed because the code can be used only one time and… i never used yet


What does the eLicenser show? And what does Stienberg Activation Manager show?

The screenshots wuold help here.

This the message in elicenser!


First of all, we would need to know, what did you do. How did you come to this state? And, this is only one half. What about the second half? What does Steinberg Activation Manager look like?