problem upgrade Cubase LE5 to Cubase 7.5 help plz

Today I bought the upgrade of Cubase 7.5 (frequently have Cubase LE5)
I write down the activation code of stinberg this site seems to me:
Activation Code invalid or unused. Have you activated your product yet?

And I am writing this on elicenser (the Serial) It opens a window that I need to select the Cubase that I should update
The problem that I can not choose it just does not give
I can not click on anything in the window

(By the way I installed Cubase LE5 now and still have not downloaded the Cubase 7.5 if it matters?)
Maybe I should download before the Cubase 7 for it to work?

What should I do?


When you run the elicenser software, do you see your LE5 license on the elicenser? If not, you must activate that license first. That license must be on the elicenser to do the upgrade. It is the license you select in order to upgrade to 7.5. It does not matter whether or not you have installed either version of Cubase on your computer. The license transaction has nothing to do with the actual software. Only that it must be present for the software to run.

I am not sure you can upgrade from LE5 to Cubase 7.5 as Cubase 7.5 requires a USB e-licenser “dongle”. LE5 does not.
Perhaps you meant you upgraded to Cubase Elements 7. In that case you activate in E-licenser.
As you have been using LE5 it may have been licensed to your computer and not to a USB e- Licenser.
Do you own a USB Licenser that you have to put into the computer to make Cubase LE5 work
It is just possible you bought the wrong upgrade. I hope I am wrong but what you say sounds like that what happened.

You need to transfer the software based license for LE5 to the Dongle. Then you can do the upgrade.

I could :slight_smile:
Thank you