Problem upgrading from CUbase AI LE Elements 8 to full


I am currently using the Cubase LE AI Elements 8 version that came with my steinberg audio interface. However, when I open the program, it tells me that getting the full version is packed with loads of extra tools and so i decided to buy the full version. I got the activation key by email but now I am having trouble getting the full version. Do I have to do something in my E-licenser to actually download the full version?


Follow these instructions (the videos are good)…

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Thanks for the reply, but the video shows how to upgrade using a USB licencer. I do not have that. I purchased the download version and I got an activation code for Cubase Elements 8. I put that in my E licenser application and I have screenshot the image. It shows Cubase AI LE 8, Cubase Elements 8, and Cubase 8 trial version. And on my desktop, the application still says Cubase LE AI Elements 8. Is there a fix to this?

It is possible that the shortcut on your desktop is still to the LE AI version.

When you open Cubase from that shortcut and check under Help>\About Cubase what version is listed?

If it says Cubase Elements 8 then just rename the shortcut.

If it says Cubase LE AI… then check in your start menu. You should have folders for both Cubase versions.

Create a desktop shortcut for the Elements 8 version. Open it and check the version under Help>About Cubase.

Hopefully you will be all set. :wink:

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Wow that fixed the problem. Turns out im using Cubase Elements 8. I thought the shortcut name would change too as im new to this problem. Thanks!