Problem using Asio4All with Behringer UM2


i have a problem. My english is bad. But I bought the interface U-phoria UM2 from Behringer and installed the drover Asio4All v2. In Cubase i chose the Asio4All driver, but the problem is, I cant hear anything. Although it says that it is connected. My question is, does the Asio4All v2 drover not coorporate, is the problem with the interface? I really don’t know. If somebody does no it, pleas help me :smiley: :slight_smile: Even when I want to sing and i open a audiolane, cubase shows no reaction.


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*somebody does KNOW it :smiley:

but this occurs.

Can you please click on the cog wheel in the bottom right corner of ASIO4ALL and then unfold all possible entries? Please post the screenshot.


You mean it like this?


and this

This is a prooblem of your Behringer device not connecting itself to Windows correctly.
Behringer is too lazy to program their own ASIO driver and therefore use the free work of someone else => ASIO4ALL.

Kindly contact Behringer for assistance.

Here is the (German) manual page for ASIO4ALL:

lots of thanks.