Problem using mute automation

I used automation to mute/unmute a group channel, and on an instrument track (not routed to this group). Then if I hit solo on the track the group is not muted, and hitting solo again (to unsolo) does not work. Also hitting solo on another track behaves strangely.
test.cpr (625.2 KB)
I have uploaded a test project that shows the problem.

Welcome, @Athanassios_roufos

AFAICS, the issue comes from the fact that both the HAlion 7 04 and HAlion 7 06 tracks are in Read automation state for the Mute parameter.

As a test, try to deactivate the Read state of your HAlion 7 04 track : you’ll have again a ‘normal’ Mute/Solo behavior for it.

Imagine having to do that in a project with dozens of tracks. I am not looking for a work around, I am trying to understand whether it is normal behaviour or a bug. BTW the global Read Automation button should in my opinion de-activate all Read enabled tracks and re-activate only those that were previously enabled.

It isn’t one : when you put a track on an automation Read state, this one will prevail over any further action on the same parameter, when Cubase is at idle (no play or record). It’s not rocket science…

It does exactly what it is meant for (Activate/Deactivate Read for all Tracks), on my end, and using your uploaded test.cpr project : it disables all the previously existing tracks Read state. So, I no longer get where is the issue, here.

Beside this, sorry to have wasted your time downloading and opening the project and trying to solve your issue. Good luck… :roll_eyes: