problem using USB mouse/joystick as modulation controller

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I am having some trouble using my mouse as a modulation controller in Cubase 4 - I downloaded a little program called midimouse for mac and Cubase receives the MIDI messages, and I can hear the modulation effects on the sound, but when I try to record this into the controller lane, it records for about half a second then ends up as a massive straight line going all the way back to the start of the track, and it doesn’t seem to record the modulation any more… was wondering if I am doing anything wrong here, or is it the software (though have also tried junXion, with the same problem - reads but seemingly cannot record properly)

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have you tried preferences ,midi filter to see if the modulation box has been ticked ?

Thanks for your reply. I do not appear to have any modulation box in the midi filter panel. None of the boxes are checked

more information - I am able to record modulation perfectly on a keyboard at another location, but I do not have that on this keyboard, so I am looking for alternative methods, hence the mouse

when I delete the big straight line of modulation, another line appears at a different height ‘behind’ it, many more lines appear until they are finally all gone. It does seem to record the data, but in one big ‘stack’, it just doesn’t follow my realtime ramps and curves

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I’ve yet to solve this problem. I have discovered that it happens with any controller, such as a joystick, which is going through a ‘3rd party’ software (like junXion, OSCulator etc.) in order to control the MIDI. Again, I am able to hear the modulating effects taking place, but I cannot record them, I have to pencil them in or use my keyboard modwheel! (something is recorded though - see above) It would be totally fantastic if I could get it recording with these various devices.

I thought, perhaps it has something to do with setting up this software inside Cubase to cooperate when recording?

Let me know if you have any ideas.
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