Problem utilizing grace period update

Hi there.
Upon posting a support ticket, I received this answer from Steinberg:

We will take care of your request and get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that due to bank holidays and large trade shows (e.g. Musikmesse in Frankfurt and NAMM shows) the response might be delayed.

So now I will try the Forum, hoping to reach Philippe or Louis a bit sooner: I activated Wavelab Elements 8 on march 13. I did not install it - just activate it.
Now when I run Maintenance in the e-licenser, I don’t get a license for WE9. I tried to enter the code for my WE8 in the Enter Activiation Code field, but still no luck.
What could be going wrong? Must I install WE8 in order to be able to get the WE9 license?

Kind regards

Please Philippe - I see, you’ve answered at least 3 questions today. Could you spare a moment for a reply to my question?

I did not answer, because I am not competent with eLicenser questions. Hopefully someone from Steinberg jumps in.

OK, thanks. I’ll try to be patient

Well, the bank holidays are over now - and it would be so nice, to receive an answer from Steinberg.

Your support request has been answered.