Problem VST Connect login

I don’t know why, but I’m trying to login to VST connect and it keep saying ‘‘Please enter e-mail and password’’.
But I am entering my e-mail and password and they are both right.
So I don’t understand what is going on…

You need to enter your My Steinberg credentials, are you registered with mysteinberg?

alternatively try using the “ID” login - which means you don’t need a mysteinberg account

How did you get on. Are you connected now or still need help?

recently, I update to VST Connect Pro
but it’s same problem, I Login with My Steinberg Email and Password, it always pop out “Please enter email and password”…
when I used VST Connect 4, it worked with same Email and Password.

I try using the “ID” login, it pop out “No response form connection server. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and try again later.”
But my internet is working very well…

So I don’t know what can I do…

The message “Please enter email and password” is explicitly shown when either name, or password, or both are empty.
Are you sure that you entered it in the right place, in the VST Connect plugin at the top right?