Problem w/ Virtual Instruments in Dorico 4.3.10 Update

While working on a new Playback Template, Dorico deactivated playback of the project on its own. When I tried to reactivate, Dorico crashed (MacOS Monterey, on a 2022 Mac Studio, 64GB).

I quit the VST Audio Engine, restarted Dorico, and chose to recover the file.

In Play mode if I click the “Edit Instruments” button on the “Superior Drummer 3” slot assigned to the Drum Set, it opens the “Trillian” instrument. Conversely, if I click on the edit button for “Trillian” slot assigned to the Bass Guitar, it opens the "Superior Drummer instrument.

If I try to Play the score, the play cursor moves, but I get no audio from either of these channels. The other instruments play back fine (Note Performer, PianoTeq 8, Kontakt 7).

I’m atttaching the diagnostic here.

Dorico (886.2 KB)

If you’ve ended up with a discrepancy between the plug-ins the audio engine has loaded and what Dorico thinks is loaded, unfortunately you have no option but to start afresh. I suggest you apply the default playback template (choose Play > Playback Template, select HSSE+HSO (Pro) from the list, and click Apply and Close), then reapply your setup.

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That did the trick, thanks Daniel!