problem when changing meter

I am encountering weird problems when changing meters. I have a bar of 7/16 and I need to change it to 9/16:

However, while the time signature shows in the score the bar still has only 7 16th notes:

And the bar number changed from 15 to 14 so now I have 2 bars with the same number
I tried to delete the music I already put there and repeat the time signature change but that didn’t help either

I also have similar problems in other places in this piece where I would like to re-bar the music but can’t because it creates a complete mess.
Any idea what is the problem and suggested solutions?

PS: I’m using Dorico 3.1

I think the key, when changing meter with some meter that has more “time” in it, is to use insert mode. Have you tried it ? In any case, you can correct what you have here by invoking shift-B popover and +2e (it will add two eighth notes to that bar). Hope it helps !

Thanks. Yes, with some careful use of insert mode I was able to fix things.