Problem when condensing instrumen

I have a strange problem when trying to condense a score. I have for ex. 2 clarinet parts. In some measures, they play the same melody. So when condesing, I should see a2. and jus one set of notes. But What I see in Page Mode is SOmething like if there was 2 different voices playing the same melody, with stems up and down…
Did I miss something ?

Please attach the project itself, or at least a chunk of it sufficient in length to reproduce the problem, and we should be able to help. A reminder:

My guess would be that you need to give Dorico a hint about where the phrase starts (which you can do using Condensing Changes), but if you attach the project here we’ll be able to say for sure.

Sorry Daniel, I forgot to attach the project. I’m working on a mockup of the Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra By John Williams
Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra.dorico (1.4 MB)

Dear Daniel, you were right. It was a problem of condensing change. I’ve been explained by a friend of mine.
Now it works… not really user friendly… but powerfull

Great, I’m glad you were able to get the result you’re looking for.

Yeah, everything is a question of learning curve :wink: