Problem when importing sound

Hey all!

First, it may not be a bug but rather something I do that is not supposed to work. So I’m working on a project with several sounds bought on soundsnap and soundsdog. Since they have different Sample rate and Bit, I have them all imported in one project and exported in 44,100/16, which is the format we work with. Everything works when played with Windows Media Player; all is fine.

So I import these new sounds in another project for edition purpose and now the problems appears. Some of them works, others don’t (no sound at all) even if I see a waveform for all of them. Some even play something entirely different that what they were supposed to be. When I zoom, their waveform change for something else. Here are screenshots.

I have been working with sounds and Cubase for many years now and it has never happened to me so I’m clueless. Any idea what my problem is?

PS. These sounds work perfectly fine when played from Window Media Player and when imported in Unreal Engine 4.

Problem solved. I had the exact same problem as described in that post:

Moving my Cubase project to my SSD resolved the issue.