problem with a cue

I made a cue from the treble clef of a piano grand staff into bar 5 of a flute part, changed my mind and deleted the cue.
But now the octave is wrong in the flute when I copy/paste something.
Have a look at the gif… - there must be a hidden octave clef left over but I dont see it.

Per this thread, we would need to see the project itself and not a picture (even a pretty, animated one) to be able to diagnose the problem.

Here you are :slight_smile:
select layout “2 flutes”, select the G in flute 1 bar 5, shift u for cue, select piano 1 b, enter, undo all the way back.
Result: The G is now 2 octaves too high. Only the first beat is affected.
A Fiddler in Rio 3 test full (333 KB)

I can’t reproduce this problem in another project. Did this start life as a MusicXML import, or is there anything else unusual about how this project came to be?

So it behaves the same way for you ?
yes - it started as a MusicXML import from Photoscore.
Nothing else unusual I think…

Edit - it’s made from 3 different xml’s excerpts from the same pdf. Do you want to see those too ?

Yes, it behaves the same way for me, but only in your project. I think there’s something not right about the instrument definitions you’ve ended up with via PhotoScore’s MusicXML export. Try creating new instruments from the instrument picker and then copy and paste the material to the fresh instruments, and I think things will start working as expected.

Sure - I will try that.
It was originally an arrangement for flute, violin and piano. I changed the violin to flute.
I can pm you the original xml’s if you like to investigate further ?

I’m unlikely to have time to look into it imminently, but you can certainly send them to me if you like.

Here’s another one (remove zip ext…):
Create a cue from either flute part. Undo all the way back. Don’t save or you’re stuck with this result:
Bassnotes are now in treble clef and can’t be changed. The treble clef from the cue part is invisible but still has effect.
XML import from Sibelius 7 via dolet plugin.
cues (856 KB)

I can’t reproduce this problem. Can you be a bit more specific about where you are creating the cue in the double bass part?

in the first 2 bars.

Right, so it’s simultaneous with the existing music for the player. Thanks.