Problem with activation of Cubase Pro 8 Trial


I’ve installed Cubase 8 Pro trial. Unfortunately I can not run it, because it requires activation. I have rceived key by email. But I have error: There is no elicenser connected and no licenses are visible.

I have installed eLicenser Control Setup and also EKC installation helper, but nothing changed. Whetn I type the code, there is info that no licenser is available. Also reinstalling Cubase 8 did not change the situation.

I can not run Cubase 8 because of above. What to do?



You need a USB-eLicenser to run the Cubase Pro 8 trial, if you do not have one but want to test the feel of Cubase Elements 8 I will recommend you to download the Cubase Elements 8 trial.

Best regards,