Problem with Apple lossless & Ventura

Will the current WaveLab Pro version be compatible with Mac Ventura that comes out on Monday?
And I have a massive problem with WaveLab Pro 11.1.10 and Apple lossless. While the former version couldn’t open it at all, now it lasts hours to open a file.
Help, please (MacBook Pro 16’’ 2021, MacOS 12.6


Really hours? Or just slow? Any file I could test?

Yesterday I sent you a file.
Did you get it and could reproduce the fault?

I did not get anything.

Strange. Here it is again.

This file takes only 2.5 seconds to open in WaveLab (I tested Mac and Windows).
What about you?

A bit more as you can see in the appended picture.
After over 5 min. I gave up.

Maybe your folders for temporary files and decoded files are wrong. Check these:


Looks like in the appended picture. Something wrong?

I can’t say. Try to write a big file in any of these folders to see if the speed is normal or not.


Using any antivirus or similar apps?
Because I have MacBook Air M1 with OSX 12.6 and WL 11.1.10
no problem to open fast as PG does
and playback the file…

regards S-EH

No antivirus, no firewall. Don’t know what happens. I changed the temporary folder to something new in my downloads folder but always the same: it lasts endless, WaveLab freezers until I make a forced quit.
iZotope RX 10 opens the same file in a second, JRiver Mediaplayer or Apple music, too.

Try another cache folder too.
And there are 3 temporary folders, not just one. WaveLab peeks either of them.

I just tried to open a file with command-O and looked to the predicted sample rate and saw a rate that I never have seen before (2135228416 instead of 48000) and a bitrate of 727124. Mediacenter says 48000/16


Hi, you do run Wavelab 11.1.20 in “Apple Silicon” mode right?

Yes, I am running in Silicon mode.
The problem only occurs with lossless .m4a files. There is no problem to open lossy .m4a files.