Problem with assistant

Steinberg Download Assistant will not load. Flag says Error invoking method followed by Failed to launch JVM


Sorry, how is the title related to the description, please? Are these 2 independent issues?

Regarding the title, could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

Sorry I don’t know how I managed to put my issue under that heading.
It was accidental. however where do I put my question about the download assistant?


Just make a new thread, please.

Cheers Martin
I changed the header.
I solved the crashing issue by going into app data and removing all download assistant cache data. On doing this was able to re establish online communication with the Steinberg website for password check. Strangely I’ve had a similar issue with Kontakt and had to remove similar cache files. Windows updates would seem the most likely culprit in corrupting my connection by promoting their own internet apps.