Problem With Audio and Groove Agent since Update Cubase 12.02

Hello to all the community,

Since the Cubase update in version 12.02, and recently in 12.03, it’s impossible for me to record Audio: I have this error message: “the audio file could not be created”, while the Rec button is not selectable.

Then I have a big problem with the Groove Agent which no longer loads GM Presets and also displays error messages, exactly as I have seen on some posts…
Cubase closes immediately afterwards, even when choosing “Cancel”!

The only version that still works for me is Cubase 12.0.10, with however these recurring problems with Groove Agent and in particular for GM type kits.

Updates are supposed to improve “the existing”, here it is quite the opposite!

My config; Windows 10, quad cores, 32 GB of RAM, RME Fireface 802, Steinberg Midex 8 for Audio and Midi. All drivers are up to date!

Thanks in advance for your answers if you have any ideas!