Problem with Audio Average in Cubase 10

I have a major problem with mixing and mastering my project with cubase 10.0.4 which is not the case with previous versions 9.5 and 8.5!
When I reach the end stages of a project mix and use some plugins (not too many), I see clip and maxout in the audio performance> average audio section and the project doesn’t play at all, but the same project in version 9.5 And 8.5 plays perfectly smoothly and the average audio isn’t at maximum!
I tried to fix this problem …
For example, I increased the buffer size to 2048, updated all pc and soundcard drivers, performed Windows optimization steps, disconnected my internet while working with cubase, disabled antivirus, But the problem still exists!
From the Windows task manager, when I run a project and have problems, I only use 34% of the cpu and 9 gig of the 16 gig of RAM I have.
Also I’m sure this is not a specific plugin.
I thought it might be one project in particular, but all my projects have the same problem.
My system specifications:
Cpu core i7-7700k
Ram 16 gig gel
Motherboard asus z270
Sound card: universal audio apollo 16 firewire
Please show me the solution.
Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

What graphics card do you have, please?

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti


As far as I know, there are 2 NVIDIA driver types: game and studio. Download and install the studio driver, please.

Yes that’s right
I downloaded and installed both but the problem didn’t solved


Just for testing purposes, do you have an option to try with other graphics card (for example integrated on the mother-board), please?

I do have the same problem, it due to real time performance which creates audio drop outs. Looking forward to solutions, will try that graphic driver

Thanks for your help I did all the ways you said but it’s still a problem …

See this


Do you have 83 heavy Instrument tracks in the project?

No, just audio tracks


Friend of mine had an Audio dropouts. His solution was to change the order of the cards in the motherboard… (I know, a bit 90th, but it helped.)

Can you explain more?

I unplugged my graphics card from the motherboard but there is still a problem

I’m deactivating ASIO Guard, Now the project is playing ! but it has the sound of a crackle


Has has a tower PC (if you have a laptop, then this is not the case, this is not possible). He just opened the case and change to cards in the slots there o the motherboard.

I did
Problem not resolved


Could you try to use LatencyMon utility? Any hint there?

Yeah I used
everything is ok

I’m sorry, I’m out of ideas.