Problem with audio engine

Hi, My Dorico don’t work anymore because of the audio engine.
Perhaps with a conflict.
Can you help me

If you are on Windows, run the Task Manager (ctrl-shift-esc) and stop any Dorico process AND any VST… process.

it comes a little better.
But know i can’t charge the instrument of noteperformer or hallion

Here the problem

Have you restarted the computer?

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I have it it is the update for the elicencer control center.
I’m very angry for Steinberg. :rage:
Thanks to you to help me

Nothing has changed in Dorico overnight, so there’s no reason to believe that you can’t get back to a working state.

What happened immediately before you became unable to run the software correctly? Did you download and install an update to eLicenser Control Center? Or did you run Steinberg Download Assistant, and it decided to update eLCC for you?

no it ran an update of e licencer control center in the background.
I didn’t do anything different.
All this because Steinberg is extremely afraid that his precious software will be hacked.
So we reinforce and reinforce and reinforce and in the end we can’t get in.
I lost 6 hours of my time.
Thank you Steinberg. :rage:
I thank however all the community of Dorico and the forum dorico in French for their support especially @Janus, @benwiggy, @John_at_Steinberg, and @MarcLarcher

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As you know, Laurent, Steinberg is in the process of replacing the eLicenser system. If you’ve not read it already, you can find some initial information here.

Dear Daniel,
thanks for the always quick answer.
I know that and i’ll be happy to hear that.