Problem with Audio Playback using Noteperformer with Dorico 2.x

This issue has been around since Dorico 2.x in my computer. I use noteperformer so the Dorico playback troubleshooting video has no steps to solve it.
I would be playing the document I’ve created, and then all of a sudden, the audio would stop with a “static like” effect, and just not play, and then a few measures later, stutter back to playing moderately-normally only to stutter out again. How do I solve that issue with playback?

I would suggest increasing the buffer size in Edit > Device Setup.

Elwin, I had this same issue (and still do at times, even with my buffer set to max, although that greatly helps). Mine is generally the worst when there are lots of instruments, and choir is a particular offender. And a high buffer makes recording difficult.

Your audio card (or engine, or driver, or whatever) might be not-so-great. You might want to try ASIO4ALL, which is significantly better. Or better still, use an external audio interface.

@dankreider, Yeah, mine has the issue when working with full orchestra. I am not sure if changing the audio card is possible. What do you mean by external audio interface?

Something like this:

I have one and absolutely love it. It has a really nice mic pre for recording, or you can just use it for playback. You plug it into your computer via USB and it does all the heavy lifting for audio. It just works, plain and simple. There are slightly cheaper options, but Focusrite is the best consumer-grade audio interface, IMO.

If that’s not an option cost-wise, at least try installing ASIO4ALL. It’s free, and might be a significant improvement over your native drivers.

I can not increase the buffer size, since doing so results in there being a delay after I input a note, to when the note plays back.

Exactly. That’s why you need a different solution. Try ASIO4ALL. Or if you can swing it, Focusrite is amazing. You can set the buffer quite low…

@Daniel at Steinberg,

Increasing buffer size did not work at all. It would still cut out at random times.

Then, Elwin, I strongly suggest you consider investing in some proper audio hardware. The Focusrite interface that Dan pointed you to would be fine, as would any of Steinberg’s interfaces: the one I use myself is the UR-22 Mk II.