problem with audio pre-record

Hi! We are facing the following problem with the audio pre-record function:

In former Nuendo versions (for example Nuendo 5.5) we used to press two times record to separate a clip and thus creating multiple clips while continously recording- Afterwards, we could nudge the left start of all these clips to the left and lengthen the clip up to the audio pre-record buffer (for example 3 seconds) - This doesn’t work any longer in Nuendo 6 - It only works on the first recorded clip -

We also created a macro consisting of two times the record command ( record, record = ** ) - This allowed us to record continuously while creating individual clips on an audio track with just one key -
This isn’t stable anymore and we are missing the audio pre-record buffer. (to nudge the left clip start if necessary)

Is there a chance to get this feature in Nuendo 6 back? It’s very useful for fast and effective clip recording and

greetings from Cologne, Germany

As far as I can see, the behaviour has indeed changed, but it still should work.

In Nuendo 5.5, you can open the clips to their full pre-buffer length, thereby overlapping the (identical) audio of the previous clip. (If your pre-buffer is set to a longer length than the gap)

In Nuendo 6, you can still open the front of your clip right up to the end of the previous one (if pre-buffer is set long enough), though not for the complete buffer time. So if your pre-record time is set to 2 seconds, and your gap is -for example- 1 second, then you should be able to open up the following event so the gap is closed. But indeed, there is no overlap anymore.

My guess is that this has changed to enhance performance. If you want to have the full pre-buffer available at all times, then the system needs to “record” and buffer each track twice. Once real-time and once pre-buffer. In the changed behaviour it looks like pre-buffer only works when recording is not active. Which makes perfect sense, since pre-buffer is per definition a buffer when you are not recording.

What is the problem that you lost overlaps? Because there is no data lost.You can still close the gaps inbetween events.
As long as they are not longer than the set pre-record buffer.

Best regards