Problem with Automation

I was upgrade to Dorico Pro 4 yesterday
And I used VEPRO to host BBCSO for compose my works
But I got the problem with the automation, all of instruments are sounds unbalanced
and having with a wired automation line.
Do anyone having the same issue?

I’ve been using this a lot since yesterday and it’s worked perfectly. Especially for BBCSO which really doesn’t like the built in jitter automation/humanizing. Maybe you just have to work it some more? Also check your playback template, maybe not need to edit velocity too.

Where exactly is the problem?
For me, Dorico 4 with VEP and BBCSO also works as expected.

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Oh I didn’t catch he’s using VEP/BBCSO - which is what I’m using. Yes, working perfectly fine. BBCSO is picky though, make sure you don’t have any errant points that aren’t ‘in line’ (what is shown above looks fine though).

I am having two problems,one is similar like this guy

every instruments sound could not keep balanced
for instance, Violin I in divisi, 1 having normal volume but 2 only in a small volume,
even I draw up the cc in 127 in Violin I 2 still play nearly silence.
Another problem might in the expression maps
I have changed the EM to retry drawing in CC to change volume.
But nothing getting better, the expression sounds much wired.
Do anyone can provide the BBCSO EM that use fine in DORICO 4?

If those problems are caused by EM that will be much easier to fix up.

Check your template and articulations closely, and mappings. I found this morning, for example, that staccato wasn’t sounding right at all, turned out the mapping was missing (the instrument was using BBCSO but wasn’t using the expression map). Easy fix.

You mean the Expression Maps could be empty?

Also check the volume setting in the instrument. At BBCSO it’s sometimes 100% or 198% or even 400%.
Set it manually to e.g. 100% (double click) and make sure that no CC7 data is sent via automation or from the mixer (set mixer midi channel to 100)

I had a similar issue a couple of times and reloading the patch in VEPro restored the volume of the instrument.