Problem with Bandstand

I added a track using Bandstand plug-in and now Cubase (6.5.1) crashes every time I try and open the song - seems to be when Bandstand loads - any way to make the song open without it trying to launch Bandstand, so I can delete the plug-in selection - or any other solution?

Haven’t used Bandstand in ages, - hadn’t realized that it is now discontinued :frowning:

Yeah i think it was a bit of a flop. I guess not too many people were interested in hight quality GM content.


Aloha s,

Don’t know your gear (Mac/PC etc) but a couple of suggestions

1-Remove Bandstand from the folder/sub directory where it resides now and re-open the song.
Cubase may complain that it can’t find the BS plug but you should/might be
able to proceed from there.

2-Open Cubase (without that song) then go to the plug-in list
and de-activate BS.
Then update the plug-in list.
Close and re-start Cubase.


Yes - deleting the plug-in solved it! - some time ago I had problems where missing plug-ins were causing crashes so I didn’t think of trying that - but it certainly works now - thanks!

Use the GM mode in HAlion SE !!