Problem with breve notes


I am currently experimenting with Dorico and has chosen typesetting a sonate as my test drive.
In one of the movements the composer uses breve notes:
Ex. 1.png

  • there is , however, ties missing in this example and when I tie the first half note to the breve note, the latter turns into a dotted wholenote tied to a half note:
    Ex. 2.png
    I would like the breve note to remain…
    How can I control this behavior?

  • Kasper

If you use the Force Durations button in the note input toolbox, the one that looks like a G clamp, and which has the shortcut O, that tells Dorico that the durations you specify should not be renotated according to the options in Notation Options. So switch on Force Durations and reinput your breve, and Dorico will leave it alone in future. But use Force Durations sparingly, because it forces Dorico’s hand in subsequent editing.