Problem with buying Cubase 10 Pro

Hello! I wanted to buy another Cubase 10 Pro license today and I get a message that my order can not be completed and I have to contact I wrote an email to them but I do not know when they will answer. Will I be able to purchase Cubase 10 Pro at a promotional price tomorrow - June 3? I tried 2 credit cards and paypal accounts and the same message appears. Thank you!

Make sure you sent your email to the correct address- payments, not peyments , maybe it’s a typo in your post, but I wanted to mention it.

I suppose the promo ends when the website says it will…

Yes you are right … In fact, there is a typo … :slight_smile:) Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

In the e-mail I sent, I gave the correct address … :slight_smile:))