Problem with chord diagrams with more than one guitar in a score

I encountered a problem. There are 2 guitars in a score, both instruments show the chord diagrams. I want for guitar 1 another chord diagram as for guitar 2 (of the same chord) in the first beat of bar 2. The moment I change the chord diagram of guitar 2, the chord diagram of guitar 1 changes in the same way.
I found a workaround for it: I changed the chord diagram tuning (e.g. DADGAD guitar tuning) of guitar 2. Now I can make chord diagrams, that are different from guitar 1 on the same place.
But when I play the chords I don’t hear of course the right tones. And of course I have to take care to change every chord diagram of guitar 2 :frowning:
Is there a way to make different chord diagrams for guitar 1 and guitar 2 with the right tuning of both instruments?

Chords in Dorico are a system track apart from any instrument. One then assigns the chords to be visible on certain tracks or in certain parts of a track. Therefore, trying to have different chords play on different instruments would (at least currently) require a work-around, perhaps requiring creative use of the lyric or text tool.

Another workaround is to put one instrument’s chords on the beats, and the other instrument’s chords a tick or so (1/1024) after the beat, then nudge them back in Engrave mode. The advantage to this method is you get the full functionality of chord symbols in both instruments, without having to worry about kerning and baselines and subscript/superscript characters. You still won’t get “correct” playback, obviously.

That will involve a lot of chord-hiding, will it not?

Yeah, but Ctrl/Cmd-clicking every other chord symbol and flicking a switch is potentially a lot quicker than trying to get a sharp 11 to look correct within Shift+X text.


I just tried this idea. For me this works. Thanks again!

For what it’s worth, a much better solution to this issue will be included in the next Dorico 3 update.

:open_mouth: :sunglasses: Thx!!