Problem with chords like Ab5


when I enter a chord like Ab5 in write mode, it’s displayed as Ab(omit 3). When selecting the chord again, it still contains Ab5, as entered.

For the whole flow I’d prefer either all chords displayed as X5, or change the language of “omit”, like in German X(ohne 3) // which I’ve never seen before, BTW.

I tried the note input settings in write mode, and also switched language in the preferences, with no result. I must be missing something. How to do it?

Thanks, Michael

Engraving options—>chord symbols.

I think it is confusing to write a chord Ab5. Does it mean A-major triad with a flattened fifth - or Ab(5) or Ab(no3)?
Of course: If it is used in a piece in Ab-Major with no altered (jazzy-)chords but maybe more in a rock-style it is no problem.
But I would never use Ab5.

Or a chord like C#9. This is precisely the argument for a nomenclature system that always puts suffix alterations in parentheses or for a system that always uses + and - for alterations. Either one would remove any ambiguity as a flatted fifth would always be A(b5) or A-5, so Ab5 would always be clear as the flat would refer to the root and couldn’t refer to a suffix alteration. I’ve gone back and forth with these two systems a bit myself.

You are right. I would always write the chord you named in your post as C7#9 or C7(#9).
A chordsymbol consists of 3-4 elements.
1.The Root (C, Ab, F#),
2. major or minor (or diminished or sus4 - or as here omitted 3 - or with a 2 and no third),
3. added 6, 7 or maj7.
4. alterations and further added intervals.
(Written just out of the blue.)

Thank you all for your help and valid remarks : )