Problem with clicking to open the key editor

I think this is a bug, but it’s quite hard to explain. I’ll try and list it as simply as I can, step by step.

  1. Record 3 short midi parts on bar 1, bar 13, bar 25. On bar 25, leave it to record for a couple of bars before playing a note.

  2. In the track window, click on the 1st clip. It should appear in the key editor.

  3. Click on the 2nd clip - this now appears in the key editor.

  4. Move the playhead to the 2nd clip, and start playing.

  5. While still playing, click on the first clip. For me, it doesn’t open in the key editor.

  6. Stop the transport. Again, try to open the first clip in the key editor - I cannot.

  7. Clicking on a different clip (clip 2 or 3) wakes it up, and now you can click on clip 1 normally.

That does look like a bug to me - if, while playing, I click on any clip outside the range of the current key editor, Cubase seems to get stuck and I cannot open the clip without opening a different clip first, even after subsequently playing stop. (told it was hard to describe)

This one is more of an annoyance.

  1. Click on clip one, and zoom in to the first note or two.

  2. Click on clip three. I cannot now see the note, since it starts a couple of bars after the start of the clip. I have to hunt around with the scroll bars to find it.

If anyone knows a workaround for either of these issues, I’d be very grateful - thanks.

+1 , I need to spazz out on the mouse to open key editor or audio editor now when project is semi loaded.