Problem with condensing A clarinets

Hi all! I have a problem: Bb clarinets in score condensing no problem, but when they switch to A - Dorico doesn’t condence them at all!

Only the first instrument held by a player can condense.

If your clarinets are held by players that are also holding other instruments (ie the Clarinets in Bb), then the Clarinets in A can’t condense.

You can give the Clarinets in A to separate players, but then of course you won’t get automatic instrument changes between Bb / A. Sorry for the inconvenience.

this is very inconvenient because I have a large opera score

Do the clarinets change within movements (opera numbers) or only between movements? If the latter is the case, then arrangements can be made using two Players sharing a single layout and hiding empty staves.

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unfortunately there are changes inside the numbers. the score is large, and the conductor asks to make the font as large as possible and every extra staff counts

With judicious system breaks, you might still be able to simulate what you want with separate A & Bb clarinet players. But if you have instances where a clarinetist changes for just a few measures in a system and then immediately hops back, that could be difficult.

To say any more, one would have to see the Dorico file for a portion of the score where these changes are most involved.

That would be a very unwise orchestration. Experienced clarinettists will likely ignore the instrument changes and transpose those few measures on the ‘wrong’ instrument, maybe without even asking.

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