Problem with condensing

File imported from XML (source: Sibelius). When in Galley View everything looks fine:

But when condensing, this happens:

And I can´t delete it because I can´t select it when it´s condensed.

Any suggestion? Thank you very much in advance.

Can we see the rest of the bar? It might help to post the project, if you don’t mind doing so

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I would suggest to select the last notes in the bar and have a look down at the property panel.
Does it show a property set to “End voice”?

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I need a shortcut to this link…


Sorry, @dspreadbury, you´re right…

Unfortunately, I can´t share the entire project, but you can see the problem in this clipping (Dorico

Thank you very much!

Recorte II.dorico (585.9 KB)

Definitely something odd about that file - if you delete all the time signiature flags and re-input them, there appears to be an extra 1/256th (I think). I wonder whether it’s something about how the XML file is dealing with the 5/4, or whether the rehearsal mark at A is somehow being interpreted as a rest…

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Yes, the MusicXML import process has somehow resulted in the bar before A being the wrong length: it’s 1/256th longer than it should be.

I think the best way to take care of this is to be to insert another bar at A and then manually copy and paste the material from the bar before A into that bar, then delete the original 5/4 bar.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: