Problem with crackling

Hi guys
I have some problem with my stuff. Bought new PC laptop to my portable studio.
It’s HP Omen 15 i7 with 32GB Ram, SSD, HDD.
Cubase Pro 9, M-Audio M-Track 2x2.
I have big problem with crackling. VST or even only samples non stop every second crackling.
I tried many things with buffer, changing in Cubase set up. But still crackling. more or less but still. almost same time every 1-2 seconds.
Do you know where I can start finding problem?
Thanks in advance

do you use onboard audio? then you’re tied to the Steinberg generic ASIO driver or ASIO4ALL which will both give mediocre performance.

I made scan by LatencyMon and I think not looks good :confused:

Screen -

For this momnet I disabled Wifi / LAN and Bluetooth and start working much better I think. I will test it more…

I think you should really look into tweaking your OS for DAW appliance.Wifi is indeed 80% of the latency issues but with latencymon you can also look for IRQ conflicts (busses used double) and look at some DAW OS tweaks for your specific OS on Google. Setting backgound services for eg. is also a known culprit

Crackling can occur when your project sample rate is different from your sound card. Check Cubase sample rate settings and settings in your audio interface drivers and make sure they aren’t different.

Yeah, make sure your drivers are up to date for one. But usually this is indicative of not using a high enough buffer. Your data stream is flying through the CPU too fast and it misses a beat and when it catches up you get a crackle and a pop. Another thing is that you may have enough buffer but you’re really taxing it with too many plugins running. In the case of live performance you’ll have to offload some of that to pedals or rack effects modules. In the case of mixing, you can sometimes “freeze” effects so they aren’t processing live. But it may be the case that your computer in general isn’t up to the task and it might be time for an upgrade.

Hi guys
Windows 10 made yesterday self update and problems back again.
I switch off wifi/lan , also ( I think) disable throttling in Windows , made full power everything (only in Bios can’t find any option to disable throttling)
Updated BIOS but crackling again, even on Winamp when listen mp3
I checked of course by LatencyMon and there was wrote this what I made , but it is not work…
Any suggestions? :frowning:
Thanks in advance