Problem with cubase 11 on windows 7

hello everybody, i have a problem with cubase 11 it dosn t work on windows 7… and i dont want to format my pc…
wich is the solution to my problem…?

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Running Windows 7 on a computer that you also use to connect to the internet is irresponsible, as you will likely not have security updates for any vulnerability found. Your computer will be the target of ransomware and botnets and you won’t even know about it until it’s too late.

The solution to your problem is to upgrade to Windows 10. You can do this without reformatting your computer. (That being said – a new hard drive to install Windows 10 on isn’t particularly expensive, either, and you can save the old install to copy things from or whatever.)


And all the programms vst etc from windows 7 i wont lose them?

Further to jwatte’s reply, you can definitely upgrade from Win 7 to 10, and without losing your programs and files. Bear in mind that the upgrade will determine your version of Windows 7, Home or Pro, 32bit or 64bit, and upgrade your system to the same version of Windows 10. Since you are wanting to run Cubase 11, 64bit Windows is your only option, obviously.
You might have to do some driver updates yourself after the upgrade in case the install doesn’t catch everything, but overall it does a good job by itself.
Also, as stated previously by jwatte, although a clean install on a new drive is ideal, My main Nuendo system here is a vintage 2012 i7 64bit build with 32gig of Ram that I upgraded to Win 10 Pro from Win 7 Pro in late 2016, which now runs the latest 20H0 version with no hitches. It runs both Cubase Pro 11 and Nuendo 11 smoothly and efficiently, with VST instruments as current as Halion 6 and Groove Agent 5, back to Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Bassist, among many, many others, utilizing jBridge in some cases, all without having to reformat and perform a clean install.
By the way, the upgrade will save your previous version of Windows in case you want to revert, but I don’t think once you take the leap that you will want to. Windows 10 is light years better than Win 7, and 7 was pretty good.

I’d highly recommend upgrading to Win 10, everything runs smoother, including Steinberg software, it’s more secure, Win 7 is no longer supported leaving greater risk for vulnerabilities. I really don’t understand why people are holding onto Win 7 like it’s their first born child.

Thank you all! i will upgrade my pc on windows 10

No, you won’t lose them if you do it right. I did my Windows 10 install over my Windows 7 and everything went smoothly. Search for the WIndows 10 installer (you can still get it free). It looks a little scary at first - you think you’re about to wipe your computer clean, but then there’s a check box to “Keep my files and programs”. Check that and hit go.

i did it and all is good… no problem the only problem is with my audiocard i had the maudio 2496 2in 2out and there are no drivers

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You make a wise decision :nerd_face:

Did you try the Win 7 drivers? They might work.

I actually have a Delta Audiophile 2496 on a video editing machine here running the latest Win 10 Pro 64 20H0 (The next update up from 2004). I used M-Audio driver version , which is a Win 7 64bit Driver and it Works like a champ. Driver Date is December 21, 2011…
So, should work for you, too. There is actually a newer one available on the M-Audio site.

my problem with audiophile 2496 solve i reinstal drivers for windows 7 64 bit… and works!

Where did you find that driver? I can’t find it on Maudio website. When you sort for Audiophile 2492 and Windows 7 (any version) there are no drivers available. Also I can’t open the control panel for the soundcard. It’s like it’s gone from my PC. How do I get it back? Wanted to increase buffersize but can’t.

That’s the main problem. Win 10 makes otherwise excellent hw obsolete. Because the hw is old - it’s no longer supported either. For that reason I have - at least until I build my next computer - stayed on Win 7 64. The security issues mentioned above I find strange - even tho’ Microsoft no longer support the OS - they still update the security of the old OS. Got the last update to my Win 7 64 bit a week or so ago. Personally I am more interested in tweaks that will run Cubase 11 on my old OS. Simply because I want to keep on using my excellent E-mu 1616M as long as humanly possible. The alternatives are expensive - I will need an RME Pcie rig with some other separate units to replace it. Or go Thunderbolt - which again is expensive for PC’s. It’s not like you can source a couple of old Xeon processors and find a motherboard that supports both Xeon and TB.