problem with Cubase and ur28m

Hi there,

I have a problem with my UR28M.

If the ur28m is turned on and i then start Cubase (7.1.20), Cubase imidiatly disappear. It is annoying, so can anyone help with that. So i always have to start cubase and when i’m promted to choose soundcard. i can turn it on.



First, please download and reinstall the latest Tools from

What operating system are you on? Is it Cubase 7.5.2? Thank you.

Thank You.
Of coarse it is 7.5.20. Sorry.
I am running windows 7.
I am about to downlad the latest tools.
Best regards

I have the UR28M and since the lateset Cubase update have been experiencing a similar problem (having to choose soundcard driver at start up). I also now also getting a complete crash when closing a project with one sample rate set and loading a project with another - this happens every time.

My standard startup:
Turn on general power (turns on video monitors etc. incl. all USB Hub PS).
Turn on UR28m.
Turn on monitor speakers.
Turn on PC.
Never had a problem.

Thanks, Brihar!

I have the UR28M and since the lateset Cubase update have been experiencing a similar problem

hmm, that is three of us then, sounds like a compatabllity bug has crept in

We may never know because unfortunately, all three of you fail to list what your system components are or any other sort of helpful information for comparison. :wink:

You have to update to the latest driver for the UR28M.
It Will solve the problem.
Best regards

Thanks but I always keep up to date with the drivers and as far as I can see there has not been a new one for a while so it does not look like that is the issue.

Spec wise: Latest Cubase on Windows 7 64 bit i5-3570 OC to 4.4GHz and 16GB ram

Hi there,
When i updated to new driver, the problem disappered.
I think its Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V1.8.3, found under tools for Ur28m.

Best regards

yeh that is the one I have got. I could maybe try a reinstall