problem with cubase start

hi guys
i have a big big problem a cubase start

I premit that i am a regular user and that i have reguarly purchased cubase 5 and then regularly purchased cubase 6 update

Now since three days, cubase 6 ( 64 bit, i have windows 7 64 bit) my Cubase 6 64 bits at the start, blocks when it reads “Content”…i then load the task manager of windows, close it, and when i close it it apears me a ùn error message ( cubase 6 artists has gne in conflict ( or smething like that) with synopsos .exe)

I have checked my e-usb licence and it is all ok

i also have updated my cucbase 6 t the last version ( 6.03) but no way t start cubase

Couls You please tell me how to solve this problem? I am in panic

first thing would be to download the elicenser software update. Don’t have the direct link handy, but is where you can find it.

hi and thank you for the reply

but cubase 6 64 bits still blocks at “Contents”

i have downloaded the new e licenec, restarted cubase 6 64 bit, by it still sticks on “content”

cubase 5 instead wrks fine

could you please help me?

i really dont understand why steingerg leaves alne the regular users :frowning:

Sounds like a file can’t be loaded… Sorry I can’t offer more help, maybe a windows user will chime in.

have unisnstalled cubase 5, bubase 6 ( i bouht un upgrade from 5 to 6 of cubase), but it still says that " cubase artists made a conflict with Synopsos.exe…which seems to be a part of the e usb licencer…i downloaded the latest usb licencer driver but cubase still doesnt work and blocks on " contest" when loading"…

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ia ma regular registered uder i have regularly purchased both cubase 5 and 6 upgrade i have spent a lot f money!!!

and it doesnt work !!!

I think this is a typical problem for Steinberg Support, I would contact them (Details at the top of the Page) and hopefully someone will guide you thru your error.

Short answer form me, if you have a system that has been “thru the wars” with installs, program deletions, updates etc…I would start from scratch, I am presuming Cubase being your biggest purchase, and as such should be given priority in your computer. A fresh reformat, and installation of windows , has solved many peoples errors time & time again. :smiley: