Problem with Custom Scale

I have a problem with “Custom Scale”.
If dorico work in English language it’s all ok, but of I change the language in Italian When i resize repetition (DC, TO CODA etc.) the scale work only if I move it in another position…

I’d like to report this oddity to the team

Thank you!

So you’re finding that selecting an item and setting ‘Custom scale’ in the Properties panel works when you’re running Dorico in English but not when you’re running it in Italian? I just tried this in both English and Italian and was unable to reproduce the problem. Can you attach an example along with some steps to reproduce the problem?

Thank you Daniel.
Yes, that’s it.
I’ve created a short video with the prolem… Please see the WeTransfer link… Thank you very much!!!

Thanks for the video. Can you tell me what you’re doing when you finish typing the new scale factor into the ‘Custom scale’ spin box? Are you hitting Return, or Tab, or something else?

I’m still unable to reproduce this problem at all, I’m afraid.

Thank you Daniel. I Press return

just to update.
in many moments it works well now, in some moments it doesn’t.
I can’t understand what condition makes this strange thing happen