Problem with cut time and multibar rests

Good morning,
I have a little problem with cut time and multibar rests in Parts.
I am copying a work in which a passage is written in Cut time, but I want the music notated as 4/4 (the composer did so…). In order to achieve this, I entered a popover on the first bar in Cut time, and then I entered another popover for 4/4 beaming and I hid the time signature.

But now I am engraving the Parts and Dorico displays a single empty bar for the Cut time measure and a 3-bar rest for the other bars (the “real” 4/4 bars).

How could I display this bars as a 4-bar rest?

Thank you!

Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-26 a les 11.54.56

See A workaround for persuading Dorico 3.5 to beam/group 2/2 like 4/4 for a thorough workaround by @pianoleo .
My less drastic solution: put the hidden 4/4 at a later spot where the bar rest would be broken anyway (rehearsal mark, double bar, tempo/key change or simply a tutti) and manually re-beam/force duration until then.