Problem with deleting audio event

Hi guys,

i’m sort of new in Cubase so this might be really easy to fix stuff, but nevertheless i can’t do it alone so i hope you will give me some advice. My problem is when i split audio event with sccissors tool into two events and i try to delete first one. It is only deleted visually. When i pull left handle of the second event towards the place where first event used to be, it will reveal whole event which i recorded. Thing is, when i hit a playback, it appears as if it was deleted, but when i export audio i can hear it all along with deleted stuff.

Thank you for your help.


That’s normal behaviour!

An audio event is merely a window onto a larger file. You can resize/copy these events as you wish. You are not creating copies of the audio, just the start/end points of where you want playback. In the Pool you will see this as the name of the audio file followed by the number of times it is used in the project.

If you want to trim the audio to the event (as I think you were expecting) you would have to select the event and bounce it (Audio → Bounce Selection) but you’d need a very specific reason to do this. Normally you would trim the event and leave it like that while you’re working.

Regards and good luck with the learning curve :wink: