Problem with DIVISI!

Guys with the new update this happens when I try to condense the divisions, that is, the number of first violins gets stuck to the section name, this only happens when you condense the section division. Can you guys help me, has this happened to you?

I’ve had no trouble with condensing divisi violins. Maybe there is a setting in Library → Layout Options (ctrl-shift-L) that you can change? Sometimes I get confused with the divisi labels on the staff - it looks like that’s what is happening in your screenshot.

You also might take a look at Library → Engraving Options, under Staff Labels. It might also help if you upload a short version of your project, so we can see exactly what’s happening, with signposts turned on.

Hi, look I already tried everything, if you look well in the screenshot the problem is shown, the one of the first violins should be in line with the number 2 of the second violins, this shift happens only if I divide the section

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Perhaps you could post a short excerpt of the Dorico file that reflects the problem.

As a new poster (and by all means, welcome to the forum, Simone) you may need to spend a little time on the forum to “earn” (?) the ability to post; but certainly seeing a Dorico excerpt would provide the fastest route to a solution.

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