Problem with Dorico 4 glitching on PC (solved)

When I first upgraded to Dorico 4, projects that sounded great on version 3.5, sounded glitchy. It was totally unusable. I am on a Windows 10 PC, with a Focusrite Clarett 2 pre USB sound device.

I was running at 44.1K.

For grins, I tried 48K (no joy) and 96K eliminated the glitching and now everything sounds fine.


– Martin

I don’t think you really want to use a 96K sample rate, so it would be better to return to either 44.1K or 48K and try to solve the problem with glitching at that sample rate. Did you try different buffer size values?

Good suggestion!
You are correct that I did not want to use 96K.
My buffer size was set to 1024 (the maximum). When I reduced it to 512, I was able to play at 44.1 with no gllitching.