Problem with dotted notes with ties

Good evening,
I have a problem with a dotted note which is the final note of a tie. I want the last note on “Tbó. B” to be a dotted quarter note, just like the Trumpets above, but Dorico only displays the dotted note on 2/4 when I input another 8th note following the dotted quarter note.

I would like Dorico to display a dotted quarter note on “Tbó. B” followed by an 8th note rest. Can someone help me with this issue?

Thank you so much!

If you have Dorico Pro, check the options in Write > Notation Options > Note Grouping. There are some different options for when notes are followed by other notes or by rests, so you’re looking for the options for when notes are followed by rests.

If you don’t have Dorico Pro, set the rhythmic grid (using the selector in the bottom left) to Eighth notes, select the tied note, press Shift-Alt/Opt-Left arrow to shorten it an eighth note, keep it selected and press O for Force Duration, then press Shift-Alt/Opt-Right Arrow to lengthen it an eighth note. It should now have a dotted quarter at the end.

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