Problem with dynamics


If I put a crescendo and I play the sound, it changes abruptly from piano to forte only when it arrives to the forte. That happens with the included Halion VST. So it doesn’t plays the crescendo. Is this a bug, or is there something that I can do to fix this? (I attach an image for clearer understanding of the problem)
Trying to workaround this, I tried with another VST that accepts Modulation MIDI messages to modify dynamics (Sable from Spitfire) but the problem in this case is that everything sounds equal, without dynamics. Is it possible to configure Dorico to send modulation messages to an VST? I’m not able to find this option anywhere.


The current situation is not ideal: if the volume type (i.e. whether it uses modulation or velocity) of the custom patch on the VSTi you’ve chosen happens to match the volume type of the original HALion patch that Dorico assigned on its own, then Dorico should still play an appropriate dynamic change. But if it doesn’t, for some reason, then unfortunately at the moment you can’t influence the dynamic playback at all.

This is the area that Paul, one of our developers (who posts here under the screen name PaulWalmsley), is working on even as I type, and making it possible to work with Expression Maps so that you can control things like which controller should be used for dynamics is a very high priority for us as we work towards our first post-release update.

Actually I’d prefer to use the included HALion, for simplicity. But it doesn’t works :’(

Using another VST was only to try to workaround the HALion problem…

Which HALion patch was loaded for your violin? The standard HSO violins use modulation for volume and I would certainly expect that to work.

There is a known bug in 1.0 where the dynamic marking at the end of a cresc results in a sudden jump. I’ve fixed this in our current internal build and will be in the next update.

I’m using the default patch that was loaded, “Violin Solo Combi”