Problem with e-licenser

I have Cubase 8 the full version. My usb e-licenser broke. I ordered a new
one and got a zerodowntime license put on it… now my zerotimelicense says
it is expired… How do I get my license back? I look under “My products”
and under my e-licenser it does not list Cubase. This is pretty frustrating
and has been a 2 week voyage. Any help would be appreciated.

Contact support (Mysteinberg area) to explain your situation.

want to start out by saying I am beyond pissed off. I have had a ticket open for going on a week and my Cubase has been out of commission. This has been due to not paying attention to detail and understanding my problem. I don\\\\ t know if I should laugh or cry at this point. I hope to not be down all weekend.

  1. I had a broken usb license…
  2. I got a zero down time and ordered a new usb and used up the zerodowntime
  3. I deleted the e-mail with the zero down time license(I DO NOT KNOW THE ZERO DOWNTIME LICENSE NUMBER ANYMORE)
  4. I am unable to use my old license(that I paid over 800 dollars for) on my new USB stick(Even though I deactivated it on \\andamp;amp;quot;MySteinberg\\andamp;amp;quot;.

I have been out of commission and have not been able to use my software in a week. When I explained my problem I was given an invalid Zero Time activation code with no resolution on getting my actual license that I paid for working on my new USB.

My case was closed with no resolution case: ref:_00D30F1z._50030b5zfw:ref

What can I do to get my stuff working. This is un-reasonable and makes me wish I went with pro-tools or someone else. I am so mad I am about to break my computer right now.

Why you did that? Maybe this can be a problem. Open another ticket or try to contact a Steinberg employee here at the forum.

I was able to get the e-mail back. I had to contact the admin of our mail server. I sent in a request pdf for a permanent license. It says it takes 2-3 days “IF” they decide to not make you send in your usb. This sucks. Support said they extended my zero down time, but that doesn’t work either. Completely unable to record on the weekend or do anything.