Problem with editing grouped clips- possible bug

Ok, here’s something that showed up in Wavelab 10, and hasn’t been fixed yet (as of 10.0.7):

When multiple clips are assigned to a group together, trimming any edge of any clip in the group results in the same edge getting trimmed in every other clip of the group.

I have an intro clip intercut with a verse 1 clip, intercut with a chorus-to-end clip. I group the three clips so I can slide my edited song around in the montage as a single element. If I trim the front of the intro to a later start, the front edge of the verse 1 clip, and the front edge of the chorus-to-end clip will also be moved later and I now have two holes in my song. (undo). If I slide the back edge of my intro clip earlier, the end time of clip 2 and clip3 will likewise be offset. I’ll have a hole after the verse 1 clip and my fade will be cut off.

This grouping problem is avoided by creating a super clip, but I’ve run into some unpredictable timing behaviors when opening a superclip and swapping the associated files, and I haven’t had time to suss those out yet.

Did you try this option, before trimming?

That option was alway on by default. I always understood it to be a group active/inactive toggle. If I click it off, the timing trims are not repeated across all grouped clips. But, the group is no longer active on the click, and the relative positions can be slipped.

To my understanding the point of grouping was to be able to manage assembled clips as a unit within the montage.

Wavelab 9.5 does not behave this way. The [click to select group] mode can be toggled on, but trimming the head of the first element does not cause all of the other inter-cut edits of the group to fall apart.