Problem with Elements 7 Upgrade

I have AI 7 loaded, a copy that I got when I bought the UR22. I decided to take advantage of the upgrade to Elements 7 that was offered. I paid for it and downloaded the software (“Cubase_Elements_7_Installer_win” is the name of the file.) However, when I try to install it, I am told that I have AI 7 already installed and there is nothing more to install. The Licence Control Center shows only AI7 as installed. That makes sense since I was never asked for an activation code for Elements 7. The upshot is I am never able to actually install the program. I am running Windows 7 64 bit. Any idea what the problem could be and what I can do to get Elements 7 installed?


It’s the same software, you have to use the activation code you got to be able to download the license itself. You do this using the eLicenser Control Center – click Enter Activation Code. Once you’ve done this your installation of AI 7 will start as Elements 7.

Even though nothing new was installed?? This doesn’t seem logical.

Downloading the license to the USB key is different than installing the software. Actually AI and Elements are the same, it is the license in the Elicenser that unlocks the features of Elements.

I see. So really , I didn’t have to download the large software package that was sent after I bought the update. Maybe Cubase should mention this in their documentation. I read through it looking for an explanation and didn’t find any.

Thanks for the help!