Problem with elicenser when trying activate cubase 8


I bought cubase 8 and its been while im having trouble trying to activate it, I already registered the usb-elicenser on the MySteinberg section but when I type the cubase activation code it appears that its not possible to save the license into the elicenser

here is the image of what is happening:

It only happens with cubase 8, I tried with the trial version of cubase 7 and I was able to save the license in the dongue

Thank you

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You may get a faster response if you could translate that text so everyone can understand it.

Its saying basically that there is no license available to be updated and to connect an USB-eLicenser that has a license that can be updated

You probably bought the wrong update. Which update did you buy and exactly what license do you own?

There is no license there.

I can answer you in portuguese if you want (send me a PM).


you have bought an upgrade from a previous version, but that dongle is empty.
You can’t use that activation code. You will need to contact either Steinberg or Asknet to cancel the order.

I’m removing the image in your post as it shows the whole dongle serial number…


Thank you! It was of great help.

My license is cubase pro 8 update from cubase 7.5, is that wrong?

My license is cubase pro 8 update from cubase 7.5, is that wrong?

That would depend if you already have Cubase 7.5 full version to update from.

Well, do you have a full license (not a trial license) of Cubase 7.5? I think this is your problem. It is impossible to use this activation code without a FULL 7.5 license.