Problem with Enable Solo on Selected Track

Why does “Enable SOLO on Selected track’ only work on every 2nd track selected?
Wether I click on a track with the mouse or use the arrow keys, it will only activate solo on every 2nd track, so it’s skipping a track. MacOs. I do not recall this happening on PC.

Cubase Pro 12 MacOs


The Solo on the Selected track works the following:

  • Solo manually any track.
  • Then when Solo is enabled at any track, select another track.
    => The newly selected track becomes soloed (the original track becomes unsoloed)

If you want to Solo multiple tracks:

  • Solo manually any track.
  • Then when Solo is enabled, hold Alt and select another track.
    => Both tracks become soloed.


  • Solo manually any track.
  • Then when Solo is enabled, hold Ctrl/Cmd and select another track.
    => All tracks from the originally selected to the newly selected become soloed.

Does it work this way on your system?

No it does not behave like that in my mac, but it did work like this when I was in Windows.

I’ll make video showing what must be a bug.
I solo track 1.
Then press down arrow to select track 2.
Track 2 is not soloed, but if I up arrow back to track 1 again and then back down to track 2, it will solo track 2.

As another example I have tracks 1 to 10…
I solo track 1.
If I press the down arrow from there, it will skip soloing the next track, instead it will only solo track 1,then 3,then 5,then 7 etc… So it’s skipping soloing every 2nd track .instead if just soloing the next track that is selected.

Super frustrating… I’ll make the video to illustrate.


I’m also on Mac. Could you try, how does it work if you make the selection by mouse, please?

Hi Martin, i just went to make the video and it’s working as it should… it,s no longer skipping over tracks, very strange! Works both with up/down arrow and mouse, although for comping and vocals, it;s so much faster with up/down arrows, same way i’ve been doing it for years.
I’ll try and capture a video if it happens again. I could be just that session
Thanks, Rexx.

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