Problem with Exporting FFT Data as ASCII Text in WL Elements 12 / 11

I have a Problem to check out this feature. In 2021 I wrote the same item in the German Forum, but nobody gave an answer. So I want start this topic again.
I always get the error message: This function is only available when monitoring the audio selection or the cursor position.
The manual desribe:

  1. In the Audio Editor, select the Analysis tab.
  2. In the Monitoring section, activate Edit Cursor or Audio Selection.
  3. In the Spectrometer window, select Functions > Export FFT Data as ASCII.
  4. Specify a file name and location…
    Obvious I don´t understand item 1 and 2, because after select Export FFT (item 3) i become always the error message.
    Can anybody please help me with a better description or screenshots?

You need to select this mode:

Thank you for your quick answer. I can‘t find the shown register - see attachment
Is it possible, that the feature isn‘t in Elements? Than the manual for Elements has wrong Text.

Yes indeed. This option should only be present in WaveLab Pro, as only WaveLab Pro has the Analysis Edit Cursor mode.

It´s pity, that this function not work in Elements audio editor, even thow it is described in the Elements Manual. Nevertheless again big thanks for your quick and great help. :+1:
The great riddle for me since my post in the German forum (Dec 2021!!!) is now solved in a few hours in the English Steinberg forum.

Best regards from Bavaria Josef :smiley:

BTW, what do you need this text data?

Firstly it was out of curiosity to check out this function because i am interested in FFT when i checked the options of WL. But for most of my work with Elements (i am only a hobby musician and have a little homestudio) i don´t need this.
The manual and the possibility of this feature in Spectroskop folder suggested me to experiment with this function
But when this had worked for me, i could overlay in Excel to any time, days later the curves and measurement as in Elements with the picture save / snapshot function