Problem with exporting track to mixdown i don't get what i hear in Cubase

I have a very big problem with my Cubase 9.530 pro. When I expose the tracks to one wav file, when I listen to it, listen to random volume jumps on the mix in different places, this is very frustrating. Is soo much diffrent when i listen it in Cubase and in Wav. Can anybody help. Please! Track is different after export it looks like have some random gates at the end. I use only audio tracks not VST Instruments one effect reverb but even without effect its not even similar after export to orginal sound in Cubase. I read many about it people tell that they have the same problem but cant solve it. Some peple tell that this people don’t know how to export wave. I want effect what i hear i get and i didnt get it. If it’s some bug in program Cubase is not a profesional Daw its toy for childeren. I wait for respond popole who are much more expireinced please help even if this topic was in this forum I really dont know what I do wrong or this is so hudge bug in this daw… I use the same settings in project setup and in export 44.1/ 16 bit.Sorry for mistakes and will be heppy if ebuone can solve or help solve this problem


Sorry, I don’t really understand your description.

  1. Do you mean the volume (level) of the whole exported audio is different then you can hear in Cubase? Or do you mean the exported file sounds different?

  2. What player do you use? Isn’t there any effect on the player side?

  3. Do you use any effect on the Monitor Bus in Cubase?

  4. How does it sound when you import the exported file back to Cubase to a new project?

  5. How does it sound when you import the exported file back to Cubase to the same project?

Hi, first thanks for responding, I think I found a solution but I’m not 100 % shure. I have problem with my e licenser it not work properly. When I Register software and use LCC the problem gone I think. I exporteed 2 project today and are exaclly the same. I thik it’s some king of protection in Cubase or I want belive it:).
But to be shure I wrtite all problem again. When I record my Nord and Korg both in Cubase (I use RME UFX plus) I have superb dynamic sound is full. Loudless is ok thets mean whan I play lihter is ligher when much much stroneger is much much stronger. Sorry my language is pure :frowning: and it all is in record and sound execally the same how i played - in Cubase. But after export to mixdown dynamic its not much much ligter and much much stronnger but lighter - stronger, verry often the sound suddenly disappears (it verry fast meybe 2 milseconds) as if something did not connect (wave file played in Windows)
2. I Use Windows Media Player, no effect – I tried manny other players – the same…
3. No I don’t use.
4. Not try
5. When I tried is almost the same I say amlost, becouse when u look on wave form u can see difeerent I meat that I tried exoprt three Times in the same configurations and get 3 different wave forms not big difference but is easy to see it.

Thank u for responding. I give feedback if my problem really gone and it Was some kind of protection. If dind’t really I will cry, becouse I started loove Cubase it is so rich system and fast.
And at the end I use of course the same resloution in windows player 44.1/ 16 bit project and audio files are recorded of course the same and export was the same. Please forgive me my mistakes My language is verry poor but I have hope u inderstand.