Problem with External FX / Bus comp

Daw: Cubase Pro 11
Gear: Focusrite 18i20, Warm Audio Bus comp

Not sure if this is a Cubase, Focusrite or hardware problem… or what I’m doing wrong.

I have inserted (External FX) the Bus comp in my master Stereo Out channel. Channel 5+6 output send and Channel 5+6 input return on my scarlet. (In Focusrite Control output channels 5 & 6 are set to DAW playback 5 & 6)

All seemingly sounds fine. But when summing to mono (mono button on my Big Knob Controller) elements of the mix disappear. Mainly drums and vocals. If I pan the Stereo Out to left or right in the daw these elements return when playing the summed mono.

First I thought is was a phase issue and I accidentally set my vocals to a stereotrack or something but its a mono track.

Funny thing is. When I bypass the Bus comp/External FX everything sounds fine in Stereo and in Mono. The problem is only there with the bus comp in the loop.

Any help really appreciated as this issue is driving me insane. :wink:

What is the device? There are many quirks possible with analogue hardware.
The cables can do similar things.

It’s the Warm Audio Bus-Comp

Do you use stereo jacks? Or adapters in any place?

I’m using 4 mono jack cables. No adapters.

Problem solved: Seems there’s a problem with one of the input jacks of my scarlet.

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